ESA 3x.3 Studio


école spéciale d’architecture paris | atelier 3X | radical indigenous performative space

The design studio 3X3 met around the following themes: the role of research in the making of a critical practice; designing for performance; performative space as social and ecological; the importance of the feedback loop. Taking the body of greater Paris, and then Neuilly sur Marne specifically, the studio projects interrogated the matter and substance, spaces, terrains, networks and infrastructures that connect urban dwellers giving new performances to “underperforming” organs and circuits of the city ecosystem.

Project 1            Teams researched the various scales of one of the vital networks that are essential to life and that are embedded within the physical performance of the city.

  • fresh water
  • waste/waste water
  • energy
  • movement (“deplacement”)
  • nourishment
  • learning and creativity

Project 2            New teams established issues to address concerning their resource research and the site at its local and expanded scales. Before determining what to do, the charge was to determine why an intervention should be made and how it should perform. Each team developed the future performances for the site and a schematic proposal that materializes that intention.

Featured Projects

  • In Situ :: Raphael Walther + Lea Laulhère
  • Biere sur Marne :: Thomas Hostache + Camille Tenart