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Books and Invited Book Chapters

Performing Choreographies of Spatial Labour as Critical Spatial Practice, Critical Practices in Architecture: The Unexamined, Jonathan Bean, Susannah Dickinson and Aletheia Ida, Editors, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020.

Bringing Performativity into Architectural Pedagogy, Performing Architectures: Contemporary Projects, Practices and Pedagogies, Andrew Filmer and Juliet Rufford, Editors, Methuen Drama – Engage Series, 2018.

Stage and Auditorium, The Routledge Companion to Scenography, Arnold Aronson, Editor, Routledge, 2017.

Ground|Water: The Art, Design + Science of A Dry River. (2012) Ellen McMahon, Ander Monson, and Beth Weinstein, Editors. Tucson : Confluencenter for Creative Inquiry/University of Arizona Press.

Turned Tables: Public as Performers in Jean Nouvel’s Pre-Performance Spaces, Architecture as a Performing Art, Marcia F. Feuerstein and Gray Read, Editors, Ashgate Press (2013), 163-176.

Performance Space: Distributed and Consolidated, Disappearing Stage: Reflections on the 2011 Prague Quadrennial, Arnold Aronson, Editor, The Theater Institute (2012), 60-73.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Installing Performances of Spatial Labour, Platform: Journal of Theater and Performing Arts, 14:1&2 (Autumn 2020), 117-130.

Erasing, Obfuscating, and Teasing out from the Shadows: performing/installing the camps’ (in)visibilities, Performance Research Journal (PRJ) 24.7: On Disappearance. (forthcoming)

Performances of Spatial Labor: Rendering the (In)visible Visible, Journal of Architectural Education, 73:2 (2019), 230-239.

Intern[ed]: Between Past & Present, Invisible & Made Visible, (un)Mediated & Performed, Crossing Between the Proximate and the Remote: Proceedings from the 2017 ACSA Fall Conference. 

Othering and Othered, [TRANS-]ient, issue 03 (May 2017), 73-86.  50% co-author with Ana Martínez.

SHUTTLING (co-authored with Mick Douglas and James Oliver). JAR 9, December 2015.

Setting and Unsettling the Stage, Expending the Periphery: Proceedings from the 103rd ACSA Annual Meeting (2015).

Performing Architectures: Closed and Open Logics of Mutable Scenes, Performance Research Journal 18.3 : On Scenography.

High and Dry: Performances Around Water’s Absence, New Constellations, New Ecologies: Proceedings from the 101st ACSA Annual Meeting (2013).

Building Complexity: Local Natural Systems and Global Principles. Design Principles and Practices: An International Journal, Vol. 5, Issue 5 (2011), 499-510.  50% co-author with Christopher Domin.

SHiFT: A Performed Re-interpretation of  Visionary Theater. Journal of Architectural Education, 64:1 (2011), 87-98.

Turned Tables: Public as Performer. Where Do You Stand, Proceedings from the 99th ACSA Annual Meeting (2011), 58-65.

Performative Opportunities within the Parametric. Spatial Phrases, SEAM 2009 Transcripts (2009), 204-217.

Flamand and his Architectural Entourage. Journal of Architectural Education 61:4 (2008), 25-33.

Beyond Silent Running. Visionaries in the Margins: Proceedings from the 96th ACSA Annual Meeting (2008), 135-143.

Thinking/Drawing from Peripheral Vision: Techniques + Approaches Learned from Miralles. Fresh Air: Proceedings from the 95th ACSA Annual Meeting (2007), 833-838.

Invited Articles

Radical Bodies: NYPL exhibition explores how three choreographers impacted the art world, political activism, feminism, and moreThe Architect’s Newspaper, June 16, 2017.

Othering and Othered (co-authored with Ana Martinez). [TRANS-] ient, issue 03, (May 2017), 73-86.

Prone to Collapse: a work and working through expanded and critical practices, The Center for Sustainable Practice (CSPA) Quarterly, no. 16 (2017), 22-27.

TRANS-plant, [TRANS-]Loci, issue 01 (May 2015), 6-9.

The Collaborative Legacy of Merce Cunningham. Places, Nancy Levinson, ed., March 7, 2011.

Creating the Modern Stage: Designs for Theater and Opera. Architect’s Newspaper, NE Ed V.13 July 29, 2009

Noémie + Frank: A Duet. Architect’s Newspaper, NE Edition V.18, Nov. 05, 2008