“Showing up, standing, breathing, moving, standing still, speech, and silence are all aspects of a sudden assembly, an unforeseen form of political performativity that puts livable life at the forefront of politics.”                                       (Judith Butler 2015, 18)

From June 14 thru 24th, the Window presented work developed collaboratively between Catherine Baÿ and Beth Weinstein that included and built upon research with 2nd year architecture students (ENSA Paris-Malaquais) around the theme “se manifester – manifestation“— to appear and to demonstrate. The pedagogical lab—”Urban Score|Partition Urbaine”—critically reflected on public space in the current permanent state of emergency as discussed by thinkers including Judith Butler and Giorgio Agamben. This inquiry is particularly timely given recent occupations and demonstrations and in relation to performance, protest, and public space during the May ’68 period. The research in common, between architecture and choreography, aimed to decompartmentalize and to interweave diverse practices, to think together about how to inhabit public space, and to embody “politics” in the sense proposed by Hannah Arendt: politics as a space “between people.”