M9 Colors

From 2003 through 2006, Beth was one of seven core artists of the interdisciplinary performance group Magnetic Laboratorium.

The group was comprised of Video Artist Marisela Lagrave (director); choreographers Jonah Bokaer, Makram Hamdan, and Elke Rindfleisch; dancers Daniel Squire and Jean Freebury; and Beth (architect and set designer).

As most of the dancers and choreographers of “MagLab” were active or former members of the Merce Cunningham Dance Company or Robert Wilson’s company, there was a conscious attention to the lineage of employing chance operations to develop content and sequence and to use time as structure unifying all of the performance parts.

For this fifteen minute performance one of the main intentions was to create an emotive crescendo through temporal movement from simplicity and singularity to a multifaceted and complex condition. Projections, danced movements and the spatial transformation of the set contributed to this build up. Over the duration of the piece the smooth panelized wall opened and folded into a fragmented surface, creating an increasing number of passages for performers’ entries and exits.

M-9 Colors occurred at the beginning of a mixed program, with no time allotted for a set’s removal. This rapid installation/de-installation constraint led to integrating the de-installation process into the performance proper.

Performed at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC, New York

all images courtesy of Magnetic Laboratorium /Marisela Lagrave

design and production by Beth Weinstein