Open Studio @ Cité

work in progress showing

22 March 2018, at the Cité internationale des arts, Paris

How are architecture, politics, labour and invisibility entangled?

Through practices of drawing, performance, installation and video, I am investigating politically and spatially constructed (in)visibility in regard to labouring at the (un-/re-) making of space. This work-in-progress showing includes drawings, videos and documentation of the performance-installation Intern[ed], as well as a traces of a new work, Manifest,that are just beginning to appear.

Intern[ed]reflects on parallels between FDR’s executive orders that led to the forming of internment camps in the USA during WWII and draws these into tension with the 45thUS president’s executive orders and related architectures.

As a counterpoint to the forms of invisibility explored in Intern[ed], Manifest draws upon May ‘68’s legacy in relation to the etat d’urgence (state of emergency). A component of this work—Urban Score—was developed in collaboration with artist-choreographer Catherine Baÿ, and architecture students at ENSA Paris-Malaquais. Urban Score spatially and choreographically unpacks what it means to appear (se manifester) and demonstrate (manifester) in public space.

My use of performance, to intervene in these texts and in relation to architectural drawings and models of past and present spaces of incarceration, seeks to crack open these artefacts and architectures that we might otherwise consider foreclosed—as both complete and unalterable. Performance also reveals the act, the labouring body, engaged in the making, unmaking or remaking of these documents that author space and their resulting architectures.