Intern[ed]_early explorations

Intern(ed) emerged from earlier research about the former Tucson Federal Honor Camp established by the Federal Bureau of Prisons and four WRA Assembly and Relocation Centers (internment camps) of the American SouthWest—Santa Anita and Manzanar in California and the Poston and Gila Camps in Arizona.

Two subcomponents of the project were realized in collaboration between Beth Weinstein and Ana Martinez. These included a weaving of texts through a graphic essay Othering + Othered, published in [Trans-]ient 03, and a reading/redacting salon, Othering (collected), that was tested at Exploded View and unfolded over the three days of the Thinking Its Presence: The Ephemeral Archive symposium (UA Poetry Center, Oct 19-21).

The historic photographs and my sketches below informed the writing, drawing and material practices incorporated into the Othering + Othered essay and Othering (collected) activity as well as the performance-installation Intern[ed].

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erasing + razing

“razing Manzanar”