PhD-Related Performance-Installation Credits

Labor is entangled with people, places and institutions, with media, materials and instruments. The so-called work would not have come about without generous opportunities from others to test and present it in myriad formats; to brainstorm and exchange ideas; to invite students, colleagues and neighbors to participate in one form or another, and, in exchange, to contribute to their endeavors as a means of expanding ways of knowing or keeping the scales balanced.


Razing Manzanar II, The Window, Paris, France, 2017. At the invitation of Catherine Baÿ.

Video-recording facilitated by Yohann de Saint-Pern.


Erased Space | Material Trace, The Window, Paris, France, 7 July 2017. Performed and installed drawings. At the invitation of Catherine Baÿ.


Spatial Labor: Manifesting the Hidden in Architectural Making, Exploded View Micro-cinema and Gallery, Tucson, Arizona, 30 September 2017. Exhibition, performance-installation and performance elements of Intern[ed] authored by Beth Weinstein (100%) as well as engagement components of Othering Collected, co-authored with Ana Martínez (50%).


Intern[ed] (performance-installation), Sundt Gallery, CAPLA, University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona, 17-19 November 2017.

Project team: Beth Weinstein (project direction, design, production, performer); Ana Martínez (dramaturgy); performed model (de)installation: Andrea Bertassi, Geneva Foster Gluck, Lizzy Guevera, Dorsey Kaufmann, Di Le, Ana Martínez, Amanda Ochs. Performed erasure: Bob Vint, Bill Mackey, Robin Shambach, Robert Miller.

Performance documentation: Eduardo Guerrero, with Dorsey Kaufmann (videographer-performer).

Additional workshop participants: Hani Alhamed, Afshan Behnamghader, Jennifer Braun, Scott Hunter, Anna Koosman, Mikayla Krager, Patricia Liu, George McConnell, Barrett Miesfeld, Samira Mivehchian, Truc Nguyen, Derek Roadcap, Kurt Vlahos, Saltanat Zhumagulova.

With the support of the School of Architecture, CAPLA, University of Arizona. Special thanks to the Natural Resources Standing Committee on behalf of the Gila River Indian Community for permission to conduct research in the former Canal and Butte Camps, and to the GRIC LUPZ staff. Additional thanks to the Gloo Factory and many colleagues who offered materials repurposed in the installation.


Work-in-Progress (installation), Cité Visual Arts Laureates Invitational Open Studio, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, 22 March 2018.


States of Exception (performance-installation), Jeu de Paume satellite event in partnership with the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France, 10 December 2018.

Project team: Beth Weinstein (project direction, design, production, performer); Rana Taha (production assistance), Blaise Vasquez Sardin (audio-visual assistance), performer-laborers (in order of appearance): Beth Weinstein, Anna McGrath, Rana Taha, Helin Kahraman, Kai Stoeger, Lola Daëls, Luis Carlos Tovar.


Palimpsest (performative installation), Lundi Phantom #36 curated by Olivier Marboeuf, Un Lieu Pour Respirer, Les Lilas, France. 27-29 May 2019.

Project team: Beth Weinstein (project direction, design, production), Aude Azzi (digital model assistance), Rana Taha (production assistance); installation: Yi-Fan Chen, Frédérique Naucyzciel, and Kai Stoeger; readers: Rita Alaoui, Pamela Ghislain, Maud Martin


Performing Spatial Labour (performative installation), Plimsoll Gallery, Hobart, Tasmania. 30 Nov. – 8 Dec. 2019.

Installation assistance: Emma Bingham, Isabella Foster, Joshua Reilly, Hannah Bowden, Tania Price, Ana Serrano Mazo, Aneita Erskine-Wise.

Technical assistance: Aaron Horsley, Gerrard Dixon, José Garcia Cesar, Murray Antill, Peter Stannard, Phillip Blacklow, and Plimsoll Gallery Exhibitions Manager Jane Barlow.

Contributed/lent materials: Emma Bingham, James Boyce, Tania Price, Neil Haddon, José Garcia Cesar, Toby Juliff, Meg Keating, Don Bate + UTAS Conservatorium of Music, State of Tasmania Allport Library, McBain Cycles, Roll Cycles, and Signfast.

Photographic documentation: Rémi Chauvin, Peter Angus Robinson, Gerrard Dixon.