Graham Foundation Grantee

Illustration of “Available Light,” Lucinda Childs and Frank O. Gehry, 1983, LA Moca (Museum of Contemporary Art, “Temporary Contemporary”). Digital drawing: Beth Weinstein with Di Lê, 2015.

I am deeply honored to receive a 2022 Graham Foundation Grant to Individuals in support of my forthcoming book, Architecture + Choreography: Collaborations in Dance, Space and Time (Routledge 2023).

Architecture + Choreography: Collaborations in Dance, Space, and Time establishes the field of archi-choreographic experiments—an underrecognized project type and form of creative act generated through collaborations between architects and choreographers. Through forty case studies spanning forty years, this book investigates the motivations instigating these collaborations, the enquiries these encounters afforded, and the ways these archi-choreographic experiments challenged and expanded participants’ practices. Three pairs of essays frame larger themes. The first foregrounds space, examining the role of structure and hidden site conditions as conceptual driver. The second addresses disciplinarity through works that critically reflect upon their discipline’s tools, techniques, and conventions in dialogue with projects that draw upon other art-forms and cultural phenomena. The third asks who and what dances, finding a spectrum from mobilized architectural bodies to more-than-human corps. Architecture + Choreography reveals timely questions arisings from interdisciplinary collaborations as well as their compelling spatial and performative outcomes.

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