Remembering the CIV through site-specific and AR experiences

In January 2021, CAPLA awarded Grass Roots Funding to Beth Weinstein (PI) and a team of UArizona faculty, students and international scholars, in support of the project titled “Remembering the CIV through site-specific and AR Experiences.” The proposed research explores how technologically augmented and embodied experiences of sites and spaces of violence against “othered,” immigrant or colonized communities can contribute to empathic, collective remembering of hidden histories. Specifically, the team will develop and apply multidisciplinary methods (architectural, performative, digital humanities, …) to shed light on the site and story of the razed Centre d’Identification de Vincennes (CIV)—an internment camp from the Algerian War period once in Paris’ Vincennes Forest. Outcomes will include development of an immersive augmented reality (AR) experience of a digitally modeled CIV and the conceptual design of a site-specific event to which the AR is integral. This seed grant will support the proof-of-concept phase, working towards a site-specific event (planned for a future anniversary of the “Bataille de Paris”) and, in a second phase, developing a web-based platform for gathering and archiving oral histories linked to the CIV. 

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