Help wanted for “States of Exception”

states of exception_crop

Wanted: Assistants for a performative action

  • Title:                        States of Exception, a performance of spatial labour
  • Date + time:           December 10, 9:30 – 22:00
  • Location:                 Cité Internationale des Arts, 18 rue de l’hotel de Ville, Paris


Project Overview:

My work explores entanglements of the architectural, political and (in)visible through performances of labour that employ text, architectural drawing and models, situated actions and video. In an ongoing body of work I examine F.D. Roosevelt’s executive orders, the spaces of internment these called forth and forms of invisibility they produced. The specific performative work for which I am seeking two assistants is titled States of Exception and is a Jeu de Paume Museum satellite-event, affiliated with the exhibition Dorothea Lange: Politics of the Visible (Politiques du Visible), held in partnership with the Cité Internationale des Artswhere I am artist in resident.

States of Exception is a performance of spatial labour unfolding over the course of a day and across the glass enclosure of the Cité Internationale des Arts that draws from Dorothea Lange’s images of internment.

Assistants Sought

Digital Recording

The Digital Assistant will be responsible for the digital recording of the four-phase performance using three provided recording devices: a go-pro, a laptop using conference call technology, and video camera. The Digital Assistant will assist in the set-up of the technology at the start of the day, will oversee recording each phase from each of the cameras, download and exchange/recharge power packs between phases, and assist with the take down of the gear at the end of the day. The Digital Assistant should have good digital skills, be attentive to detail and comfortable using different recording tools.

Performance Assistant

The Performance Assistant will be assisting me with the performance, much like a sous-chef or doctor’s assistant and as a security guard. I may also ask that you assist me in the labour of drawing/erasing. The performance and this work will take place outdoors, in front of the cité lobby’s glass façade. The work will include the set-up of the work space and tools, passing various materials and tools as needed, and generally keep an eye on safety of the work space. I will provide the work garments (Tyvek or similar painter’s jumpsuit, gloves and hat); the Performance Assistant will need to dress warmly under the jumpsuit and wear work boots. It would be beneficial to have a developed movement and stillness practice, be focused and attentive to detail and confident with carrying out a durational work (with lots of breaks).

Each task could be done either by one person, or divided into a four shifts: morning, early afternoon, late afternoon to early evening and an end evening shift. There will be breaks between shifts, with food and drink.

This work is a component of my practice-based PhD, and I will provide information about the larger research project. As such I must ask that all assistants sign written consent and media release forms, acknowledging informed consent to participate and to be documented as part of the research.

Thank you!

Interested in helping? Let me know.





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