Manifest-(er/ation) @ 1968 | 2018: Protest, performance and the public sphere


Beth presented Manifest-(er/ation) in the international symposium “1968 | 2018: Protest, performance and the public sphere” held at the University of Warwick (June 7-9, 2018).

Abstract: How are appearance (se-manifester) and demonstration (manifestation) entangled with spatial labour? Conceptually drawing from Judith Butler’s “performative theory of assembly” (Butler 2015)and Giorgio Agamben’s reflection on the etat d’urgence permanent (Agamben 2008), through a spatial performance work-in-progress collaboratively being developed between an architect and choreographer, Manifest investigates visibility or the striving towards appearance—se manifester—in a designated ‘pilot zone’ in Paris’ 10thdistrict. Manifestdraws upon May ‘68’s legacy of previously unseen students and workers demonstrating (manifester) and appearing (se manifester) together and it cites May ’68 as a means to reflect on today’s “permanent state of emergency” which suppress rights of assembly. The proposed presentation will make visible emerging aspects of Manifest.

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