Urban Score / Partition Urbaine @ ENSA Paris-Malaquais

architecure m-walk.jpg

In relation to the performativity and contestation of public space that took place during May ’68, Urban Score|Partition Urbaine (a development course co-taught by Beth Weinstein and Catherine Baÿ during the spring 2018 semester) will engage architecture students in critically reflecting upon public spaces in urban societies.

The research conducted this semester will culminate with a performative presentation in the rue Gustave Goublier, a gallery presentation of student work and public exhibition relating the semester experience at The Window. The exhibition will include drawings of urban scores tested during the research phase, photo and video documentation of the iterative testing, and reflective writing.

  • Performative presentation: May 24 OR May 26, 2018
  • Gallery presentation: May 31, 2018
  • Exhibition: June 11-22, 2018


The research conducted through this course contributes to a larger creative work, Manifest, being developed in collaboration with Catherine Baÿ.

image credit: Bérénice Bourgoin

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