between spaces

Razing Manzanar II still

June 30, at the University of Chichester, in the context of the Between Spaces Symposium, I presented recent research—several performances for video and writing—under the heading “in between erased space and performed and material trace.”


Over the past decade I have been choreographing the labor of making and unmaking ephemeral spaces; exploring materials that contribute to the disappearance of space; and obliquely pointing towards ecological and political issues related to place. Through a current collaborative project—with working title intern(ed)—I am researching erased architectures of internment and the forced labor that occurred there involved in fabricating spatial devices that render invisible—camouflage. Contemporary anxieties prompted by executive orders or threats to other, contain, excluded or eradicate certain humans, to define as “alien” as well as “non-alien” enemies, hauntingly recall the events that occurred seventy-five years ago that lead to the construction of these now erased spaces of internment. Using performance and installation as medium, our intention is to draw into tension past and present, remote and near, labors and spaces of containment and erasure. For the Between Spaces Symposium I will present aspects of this work in progress.

image: Razing Manzanar II (performance for video, June 26, 2017)

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