PQ: Spatial + Architectural


Symposium: Transformations of the Prague Quadrennial since 1999 took place March 17-18, 2016.

“The symposium will have a special focus on PQ 2015, as well as explore the possibilities for the future of the Quadrennial. It will be held in the frame of the international project SharedSpace: Music Weather Politics and it is one of the last event within the project.
In addition to the changes in quantity and size over the past decades, the Prague Quadrennial has undergone some major transformations from international ‘exhibition’ towards an ´event´ that includes many live performances, presentations, workshops and discussions. These events form a space for exchange of a wide range of scenographic (performance design) practices – from shaping performance environments to designing costumes, lighting, sound and multimedia for drama, opera and dance as well as ´expanded scenography´ genres such as site-specific, urban, embodied, immersive, interventionist and inter-medial performances. Prague Quadrennial today is an open platform for exploration and process in ´expanded scenography´, where professionals come to inspire and be inspired.”

Videos of all sessions can be found here. Watch the 4th session: Spatial + Architectural,  with presentations by Sidsel Graffer, Serge von Arx, and TAAT and moderated by Beth Weinstein; the conclusion can be found here.