Performing body:matter:space


Performing body:matter:space

an IFTR@PQ’15 Shared Practice workshop directed by Beth Weinstein

The workshop built off of a seminar-workshop course I taught at the University of Arizona School of Architecture and also drew inspiration and methodologies from workshops, directed by colleagues at other universities, in which the construction of space was explored as choreographic, spatio-temporal performance. In the context of schools of architecture the dominant practice is the development of propositions of space through allographic means or through scalar sketches, drawings and models of work(s) to be enacted by others in the future. This workshop proposed live, full-scale prototyping of spatial propositions, with particular focus on bodies’ engagement with the matter, with the resistances of matter, and the emerging choreographies of the labor of making and unmaking space.

June 27th, 2015. Clam Gallas Palace Husova 158/20, Prague