Shuttling through Atmospheres


Shuttling through Atmospheres

~of weather, music, and politics

Ten artists, scholars and researchers interested in performance and mobility embarked on a 4k mile, 21-day journey through the American South West. A dramaturgy of landscape unfolded, inflected by distinct biomes (salt flats, alpine forests, high and low desert) and land uses (border crossings and surveillance zones, military and agro-industrial complexes) and traces (works of land art and remains of native settlements). As a mobile laboratory, performing daily encampment and displacement through these landscapes, one of the research inquiries explored how a performative tool kit—a deployable infrastructure and mobile cargo—could support a reflective entanglement with shifting sites, situations and evolving co-creative relations within the crew and with environmental, political and cultural forces encountered en route.

My presentation will reflect on the performed daily co-creative adaptation and situating of the infrastructure and cargo – container and contained – and playful making anew of a shuttling human collective within these often inhospitable environs.

Prague Quadrennial Show and Tell  at the (A)VOID Floating Gallery, June 25th at 19h00.