mobile desert performance

17 June – 7 July 2013

Ten crew. Four thousand miles from Tucson to Tucson. Twenty days. A Chevy van. Sonoran, Great Basin and Mojave Deserts. Knowns and unknowns. Open to encounters.

A collection of international artists, designers, performance makers and researchers journey through the deserts of the American south-west performing an exploration of the aesthetic, political, cultural and environmental resonances of desert ecologies. As a temporary travelling community interested in movement, environment, and performance, the project crew intend to generate new creative practices and works that shuttle between registers of knowing and unknowing by exploring performances of mobility. In a journey through seminal land art works, ancient settlements, desert conditions, and transit spaces, SHUTTLE will perform daily processes of creating ephemeral conditions and encounters. An initial ‘landing’ and subsequent ‘return’ event in Tucson, Arizona, welcome public interaction – including collecting offerings from Tucson residents to carry forth. SHUTTLE pauses to present an ‘interval’ at the Performance Studies International ‘Now Then’ Conference (PSi 19) at Stanford University in Palo Alto, and will inform the development of PSi21 ‘Fluid States’ globally distributed events planned for 2015, in particular the Australian deserts project ‘Movement Forms of an Island Continent’.

For detailed information about SHUTTLE, visit the Performing Mobilities website or SHUTTLE under projects.